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1.1          As Per the Hockey MB Rules Section 45 G):
Minor Hockey Associations or Leagues may limit the use of affiliates for their own house/regional leagues. 

  1. Minor Hockey players rostered in Pembina Valley are permitted up to a maximum of 5 games as an affiliate player.


  1. The 5 game maximum is the cumulative total of ALL league play, league playoffs, provincial playdowns, and provincial tournaments.


  1. AP’s are NOT to be used for a competitive advantage. In the spirit of the rule, AP’s are intended to fill roster spots due to absent players to facilitate the game play.


  1. Exceeding the 5 game maximum requires an application to and approval by the PVMHA Director.

1.2          Players first priority will be to their own rostered team.
1.3          Players must affiliate from a lower category within the same age division. If
affiliating from a lower age division, player must affiliate from an equal or lower
category. Teams may add eligible affiliate players to supplement their rosters as follows:
a) Atom & Peewee: up to 13 skaters and 2 goalies
b) Bantam and Midget: up to 15 skaters and 2 goalies
                                Example: U13 Gold eligible AP’s from U13 Silver, U13 Bronze or U11 Gold,Silver,Bronze. .
                                Example: U11 Silver eligible AP’s from U11 Bronze OR U9 Silver, U9 Bronze.
                                Example: U9 Bronze eligible AP’s from U7 teams from within your home association.
1.4          Initiation/Novice Rosters: Minor Hockey Associations with more than one team of Initiation or Novice Rosters may affiliate freely between their teams. The exception would be league play for Novice. In addition these teams may affiliate players from neighboring associations with permission from the Association President and Regional Director. The intent is to allow team formation when numbers are less than eleven.
1.5          A team of a higher division or category may not use an affiliated player prior
to receiving consent of the coach and then the parent with which the affiliated player
is registered.
1.5.1      AP requests MUST follow the following steps:
STEP 1: The head coach of the team requesting the AP shall contact the head coach of the team with where the player is rostered.  If granted permission, proceed to step 2.
STEP 2: The requesting coach may contact the parents.
1.6          Eligible AP’s participating in a game with a team outside of their rostered team must indicate “AP (1 of 5)” on the game sheet for game 1, and MUST continue in this manner “AP (2 of 5)”, “AP (3 of 5)”, “AP (4 of 5)”, “AP (5 of 5)” for all teams in which they participate as an eligible AP.
1.7          It is the responsibility of the Head Coach to:
                A) Ensure the player is eligible when a request occurs. Players can move to a higher tier within the same age category.  Atom bronze to Atom Silver or Peewee Silver to Peewee Gold as examples. OR a player can move from a lower age category to a higher age category but MUST be in the same tier or lower.  Atom bronze to Peewee bronze, Atom silver to Peewee Silver, and Atom gold to Peewee gold as examples.
                B) Keep track of the number of games each player has participated as an AP.  If a player on your roster participates as an AP for more than 5 games, the Minor Hockey Association will pay a $400.00 bond/player.  A second offense will result in an $800.00 bond/player.
                C) Notify your league convenor when a player on your roster has reached the maximum 5 games.
1.8          Requests for unlimited AP or a variance of the 5 game rule, must be submitted to the PVMHA league convenor and approved by the PVMHA Director.
1.9          Requests for AP outside of your home association must be approved by the PVMHA Director.
2.0          ALL exhibition, tournaments, league, play downs, playoff GAME SHEETS must be completed in full and sent to the league convenor within 24hrs of the game completion.  Non-compliance will result in a fine.

AP Frequently Asked Questions?
What happens if I AP a 6th game?
The Minor Hockey Association in which the player is rostered will pay a $400.00 bond for every player in that association that participates in the 6th game.  For every addition game over the 6th game and for every player the Minor Hockey Association will pay an $800 bond.

Can I AP 5 games for multiple teams?
No. 5 games is the cumulative total of all games played as an eligible affiliate player.

Can I AP for team outside of my home association?
You must apply to the PVMHA director for approval to AP outside of your home association.  

In Atom, can we AP from any Novice team within our association?
Yes, however the spirit of the AP is to facilitate the game being played with the appropriate number of players. 

Are the AP rules different for Female Hockey?
No, the rules are the same for all players in our region outside of AAA.